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What will you find here?  To start with two main things:

  • Reviews of fiction; and
  • A musical autobiography.

Eventually I may write some short stories and post here – although this hasn’t reached beyond the playing with ideas in my head stage yet.

I have blogged for a while on local history, running and related topics – Running Past, but the things that I want to write here don’t fit easily into that.

The give some idea of the fiction that you may find on here – the novels I read in the recent past have included

Virginia Woolf – To the Lighthouse

Patrick Hamilton – The Slaves of Solitude

Thomas Hardy – Return of the Native

Dorothy Richardson – Pilgrimage (Part 1)

Louisa Treger – The Lodger

The last two I did write about in Running Past, linking to Richardson’s final days in Beckenham. I enjoyed writing about them more than I expected, it took me outside my comfort zone and I got some quite positive feedback and was the catalyst for this blog.


My musical tastes are somewhat eclectic and have changed considerably over time – posts may range from Television to Coffee and TV, The Verve to Vaughan Williams, Adele to The Zutons, and London Grammar to London Calling. The common theme will be that the music, or something that it represents, has been important in my life.

As for me, some of the musical reference points will almost carbon date me – I was born in the early 1960s in the Nottinghamshire coalfield but moved to London as a student in the early Thatcher years and have stayed there ever since, apart from a 4 year interlude, mainly in the Black Country.

The musical autobiographical elements has been prompted by a combination of my own near demise in early 2015, but wanting to record my memories in some tangible way in case my brain’s connections become befuddled and confused in old age, as is sadly happening to my mother. If that happens to me, I hope the writing here will at least provide some triggers for recollections.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello – I was intrigued to read that you worked at Syd Booths in Mansfield as a Saturday Assistant. I too worked there in 1980 (eventually staying on full-time for a year until Revolver Records took over). Could we have worked there at the same time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d gone by the spring of 1978 I think. I worked for a bit at an awful men’s clothes shop in Stockwell Gate then the outdoor shop Flittermans before I left for college in late 1979.


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